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audrey joseph


Business Development with a focus emphasizing the growth and promotion of entertainment in fixed place indoor venues, festivals and outdoor events. Focused on the importance of high quality creative content, mixed and multiple demographics and business operations. Exceptional skills in developing team operations and fostering creative ideas with experience in supervising a large and diverse workforce and employing a relationship driven, business building approach which includes trust, confidence and credibility.


Advocate for a responsible industry and secure operations as the industry representative on the

San Francisco Entertainment Commission 2003-2016.

• Developed Mezzanine, Townsend and The Armory, successful nightlife venues, with legal capacities of 980-           4,000 persons with up to 82 full time employees

• Developed The Niteys, an awards event celebrating creative content of venues

   and patron experience in the San Francisco Nightlife industry. The venues

   recognized represent the spectrum of the night time economy in San Francisco

   and include night clubs, cocktail lounges, live music venues, night time

   transportation, as well as hotel and neighborhood bars and their service staff.

• Founded Site and Sound, a California 501c3, that supports music, visual and

   performing arts through fiscal sponsorship, education, and the presentation of

   projects and events

• Designed a new Main Stage area for San Francisco Pride. The project

   successfully created a space that would accommodate ADA, parking, improved

   sight lines, a larger and stronger stage and backstage area that improved safety

   and was more efficient, cost effective and could accommodate high profile

   performances serving more than 100,000 viewers.

• Produced the opening ceremonies for The Tree of Hope.


Venue and Business Development, Sound Attenuation 

• Identifying, planning and managing resources, designing goals that lead to predictable


• Developing and working with teams, fostering relationships for a set of goals with a

   finite time of achievement.

• Managing large footprint venues with full time personnel exceeding 80.

• Identifying and establishing partnerships that can meet a variety of needs for the success

   of a nightlife and entertainment business.

• Communicating clearly with a strong ability to demonstrate and explain processes,

   policies and procedures in any area of operations.

• Utilizing social networking with an eye on current trends and the social economy.

Key Skills:

Operations Optimization, Develop Partner Strategies, Content &